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The Craftsmen Cabinet Company.

Other cabinet companies have separate teams of engineers, builders, installers and designers.

We decided to do it a bit differently. Our experts combine technical ability with an eye for design.

We do it better.

Our cabinetry and hardware build quality is on par with luxury brands, far exceeding the typical “spec-grade” fit and finish.

We do it right.

We build to each customer’s exact specifications — we don’t do 3-inch incremental cabinetry like other companies.

We do it for less.

Our expertise, methods, and long-standing relationships have allowed us to streamline the process and save money.


Build cabinets better.

We're CustomBuilt.®

Whether you’re updating a single-family kitchen or building a multifamily property, we’re up to the task.



New Construction

New Construction



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    For less.

    We don't take any shortcuts — but 40 years in the business teaches you some tricks.

    We know great cabinets, and we love great cabinets. We also don’t like spending any more than we have to. These are the cabinets we would — and do — install in our own homes.

    Custom kitchen

    We back all of our work with
    an industry-leading guarantee.

    We're picky about our people. We interview, hire, and train Craftsmen.

    That means the folks working on your project are cross-trained in all of the facets of cabinetmaking. It means our employees aren’t just courteous, punctual, safe and responsible — they’re also:

    passionate about great cabinetry

    doing what they love

    the best in the business

    We're gonna leave you happy.

    It takes some confidence to say that — we know. But we’ve got it — because we believe in our products, our methods and our people. If we’re not delighting you, we’re doing it wrong — and we want to hear it. Contact us anytime via:

    Phone: (623) 738-3070


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